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Efficient and value-based management of your organization requires strategic planning that is both visionary and future-oriented, as well as operationalizable. Visions without concrete actions are not acceptable for us, so that our concepts always remain within the limits of what is feasible. The corporate mission statement, combined with the goals of the business and functional areas, require abstraction and harmonization, which we can bring in through our external perspective. We work together with you to design individual concepts for business planning for Start-Up´s, as well as business model innovations, organizational structural changes or change processes.

Cost Management

The quality of the cost management plays a very important role in the economic success of a company. It is indispensible to attain a complete overview of the methods and processes of calculation as well as cost optimization for products and projects. Defining and implementing calculation processes can raise a variety of questions. Our goal is to provide you with answers to these questions based on practical experience! Our competent consulting is based on our extensive experience calculating products and projects in a wide variety of fields and businesses, as well as dealing with „clean“ calculation processes and their implementation in organizations.

Praxis der Kalkulation und Kostenoptimierung: Der Beipackzettel zu Risiken und Nebenwirkungen

Book Recommendation (German):

Praxis der Kalkulation und Kostenoptimierung: Der Beipackzettel zu Risiken und Nebenwirkungen
„The book provides a good overview of the various types of cost calculations as well as their problems. These are highlighted with amusing anecdotes and problem-solving approaches are outlined in an understandable way.“


WHAT creates WHICH effects on your company, WHEN and WHERE, at a specific point in time?


We will gladly support you in answering these questions with personalized consulting or with the Excellence Ranking for Cost Management.

Procurement Management

In procurement management, it is also necessary to consider all methods and processes for an integrated optimization, because the purchasing manager no longer only deals with the optimization of operational and strategic purchasing processes. Rather, it is dedicated to the selection of suitable procurement markets and the associated opportunities and risks and makes these transparent to its colleagues. Today’s procurement manager is responsible for up to 90% of the total costs of the company’s products and services to be marketed and is increasingly confronted with increasing challenges, such as handling higher procurement shares with fewer personnel or price management with increasing complexity.


Digital management affects all areas of a company, from sales and production to IT, and thus plays an essential role in value creation and therefore also in today’s management. The „digital networking of the added value of industrial companies“ offers many new possibilities and opportunities, but also risks. Due to the sometimes insufficient focus on the interrelationships and laws of digital added value, possible potentials are not exhausted, so that the topic of digital management must be anchored much more strongly in the management and strategy of companies. The challenges in digital projects therefore require an approach to reduce complexity, focus on core value and focus on long-term strategies.

Sales Concepts

The commercialization of products and services can have a lasting influence on the added value of an organization. At the interface to product costing, procurement, project management and other functional units, a sustainable concept for the use of synergies and efficient processes is required. Sales managers must also be able to manage on the basis of short-term goals, but must not ignore the strategic view for the orientation of the organizational unit. The design options are becoming increasingly complex and demanding, but with good planning and control they can have a positive influence on the company’s success. We support our customers with market and competition analyses, in finding price models, a promising customer approach and the best organisational structure for implementation.

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