After the successful evaluation of the 5DoBT method of MARKTGUT GmbH on the basis of two existing IT projects of a machine and plant manufacturer in 2017, the concrete adaptation of the methodology to the customer's conditions began in autumn 2018. The method is to be used to prioritize and effectively control IT projects based on their added value for the company.

In workshops, the integration of value management into the IT department and thus the use and implementation of the 5DoBT method were developed. For this purpose, the existing processes were recorded, adapted and allocated responsibilities and roles. In this way, a precise definition of how value management is integrated into IT projects could be derived. The results were recorded in a value management guideline. In addition, the 5DoBT framework was adapted to the specific needs of the company. Here only 4DoBT will be used instead of the originally intended 5DoBT and in addition to the potential values, the total project costs will also be displayed, so that finally a business case will be shown that calculates an amortization period and decides as a criterion whether a project will be carried out or not.

The rollout of this method for the IT department is planned for 2019. A training and implementation plan is currently being drawn up for this purpose.

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