5DOBT - Business Value Determination

with the Dimensions of Business Thinking

Whether for projects, workshops, or in our software tool "Value Engine" - you can learn to use the DOBT method and become a value creator!

Is entrepreneurial management highly complex?

The decision making and the derivation of measures appear to be complicated and non-transparent due to specific criteria, goals, key figures, chances & risks.


But which factors contribute significantly to success and how can they be evaluated?


The DOBT method helps us to focus on the essentials, but also to react and control flexibly when conditions change. [...] Thus we have quickly recognized existing deficits in our project definitions, but also clearly emphasized the added value of the projects. 

Klaus Glatz, CDO at Andritz AG on the introduction of the 5DOBT


Supplement of the Handelsblatt, Edition March 19th, 2019

For whom is 5DOBT suitable?

For EVERY VALUE CREATOR: Executive Board, Management, Project Management, IT, Controlling, Administration, Operations, (...)
The potential value analysis method is suitable for the evaluation of any plans, projects, decisions, innovations and strategies, as well as for companies of all industries and sizes. The approach with five dimensions is universally applicable and offers the possibility to abstract and thus to expand the dimensions and their areas of influence individually.

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How does 5DOBT work?

The methodology for determining business values and potentials developed by MARKTGUT can be applied in many ways and has been validated by numerous projects on the market. 5 Dimensions of Business Thinking, in short 5DOBT, comprise the dimensions:

All dimensions are defined by different areas of influence, which are to be understood as drivers for optimization and value creation in projects. The 5DOBT can be used for the most diverse questions and industries, since they leave a lot of room for individual requirements in their definition. They can be used as a tool for creating impulses and can be extended as needed. Based on the dimensions and their more detailed areas of influence, it is possible to determine the realizable potential of projects. For this purpose, a potential value analysis methodology is applied, which helps to identify and evaluate the most important fields of action for optimization measures in order to be able to quickly make solid decisions for or against a project.

Further information is available here

5DOBT Projects

Product & service portfolio featuring 5DOBT

Regardless of whether potentials are to be identified, calculated or measured, the 5DOBT helps to prioritize projects, to derive projects or to realize actual potentials. This enables well-founded decisions to be made based on value-based results and actions to be linked with measurable success in order to generate added value for our customers.

4DOBT implementation

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Design to Cost-Workshop

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Value Engine

The software tool with 5DOBT

Value Engine

The software tool for potential based project management

The Value Engine is a value based control element of multi-project processes in order to transfer, prioritize and promote synergies across projects and organizations. It covers the process from idea generation to project completion and contains the core element of the 5DOBT method. The tool offers the possibility to combine focus, transparency, standards and flexibility with digital tools.

Learn more about the Value Engine here.

The Value Engine is developed in cooperation with our partner

T.CON is an SAP Gold Partner and innovative consulting service provider whose core competencies include the development and implementation of solutions for SAP products such as SAP ERP and the SAP Business Suite.

News & Media

Events and press regarding 5DOBT

MARKTGUT offers regular events at numerous locations to introduce and also deepen the methodology Dimensions of Business Thinking.

Follow news and articles on the topic of operational value creation to stay up to date on trends and developments in the market.

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Würth Event

DOBT event in Künzelsau in cooperation with
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