Didactics & Augmented Reality

How can modern technologies like Augmented Reality in connection with Smartglasses, -watches, -phones or Tablets support repair processes in large enterprises? This question was the core focus for our customer from the automotive industry and led to the initiation of a joint project.

As part of a didactic concept, the repair instructions for the automotive group's products were analyzed, evaluated in terms of didactics and ergonomics, and finally translated into a new information design. The next step was the concrete application of the optimized repair instructions within a prototype.

In the individual work steps, the user is now supported by an appealing visualization of the processes both by a 3D model and by augmented reality. This enables the mechanic to view even the smallest components from different perspectives and obtain relevant information, such as tools to be used or configurations, directly in the process on the tablet. A marker-based tracking was used for the prototype, which can be replaced by a tracking without markers in the further development.

Both the didactic concept and the exemplary application have been very well received by our customer and will be followed up accordingly.

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