Digital management and the management of digital influence on the added value are the most important disciplines of the today's management.

Not only since industry 4.0, but already the „digital interlinking of the added value of industrial enterprise“ offers much longer many new possibilities, risks and chances. Already for several years product complexities, flexibility / globalisation are in sales and procurement markets, competitive sensitivity and cost sensitivity stamping for projects of the standardization and IT.

To make the digital transformation  and your spheres of activity practical the following principles apply with MARKTGUT for digital projects: easiermore linked upfaster and more favourably in application for users, customersenterprises and suppliers!

Challenges of these projects require a strategy for the reduction of the complexity, focussing on the core utility value and the adjustment on long-term strategies.

Create sales potentials by:

• More efficient and quicker supply of the markets – reduction of "Time to Market"
• Flexibility of the products and achievements
• Individualization of the products and achievements
• Improvement of the quality of the products and achievements
• Enlargement of product offers and service offers
• Change of the market cultivation and market penetration

Chances for the cost reduction with:

• Material committee and application optimisation
• Production costs, labour costs and costs of idleness
• Logistics costs
• Of continuance and stock holding costs
• Complexity costs in production and management
• Maintenance costs

Digital Management and Industry 4.0 (IIoT)

Subjects and core tasks

Under the concept Industry 4.0, worldwide also famously known as "Industrial Internet of Things", measures and changes on the added value structures of the industrial enterprises are summarised.

In most enterprises such projects were area, task and system restricted or carried out with too high complexity. This must change in order to survive in the global competition, to gain new sales potential and reduce production costs.

The core duties pass in breaking open mental structures, active innovation management, business modelling and the conversion speed. Besides, all enterprise areas are asked to take part in the process.

By the projects stamped by interlinking subjects from the cost management, procurement management and IT our advisers know the challenges, conversion strategies and risks in technologies, organisations and processes.

Use our core competence in the interlinking of unit-covering value added chains and the integration of official-competitive commercial models. Practically we distinguish ourselves by the following competence:

  • understanding the whole enterprising
  • Technical interest in new IT technologies, IP, user processes and their creation
  • Departmental-covering process thinking
  • Innovation in interlinking for the optimisation of commercial processes and products
  • Software- and Internetdriven business modell
  • Rollout and Change management practise

Projects in this environment require a strategy for the reduction of the complexity, focussing on the core utility value as well as the adjustment on long-term strategies.

Strategy and management guidance

Digital management and interlinking

By the right application of digital tools and systems the effects are not often clear for organisations, processes, products and the customers. Possible potentials are not exhausted by partly insufficient focus on the connections and laws of the digital added value. That's why the subject must belong to one of the most important subjects in guidance and strategy of the enterprises. Because it concerns above all interlinking and innovation subjects, it is not only worth to come up with a strategy and a project Industry 4.0, but we also recommend:

  • Breaking through mental structures that are area oriented for a prupose and to act more added value oriented.
  • Concentrate innovation management not only upon technology and basic technologies, but also to open up towards business innovations
  • Make up fast for the past investment gap in the data standardization, because this base is for the management of networking projects
  • Implement management of networking projects in organisation and guidance to raise the speeds with the conversion of a plan and to lower the complexity

We support you with our practical experience from projects and competence in strategy consultation and project consultation.


Customer management and sales

Digital chances

The customers requirements change. Good products in the future are not only products, but must contain a range of services and after sales products to be really attractive. This requires from customer management and distribution to rethink and reconsider the own product spectrum.

Top subjects are:

  • More cost pressure and narrower appointment plans with rising quality
  • More complexity by diversity of variants and their postcare
  • Internationalisation in the service
  • Chances for additional business by intelligent service offers
  • Lasting influence of the customer relationship, on account of constant added value offers in the after sales

Use our expert's assessment from different branches and our experience by the development of service-based business models from physical products and digital products.

R&D and development

Digital management of innovations

In development and R&D the software, sensors and interlinking belong to the equipment for a long time. The spheres of activity with the conversion of industrial digitization still demand the reinforced understanding of customers, users and processes which means:

  • Rise of the professional expertise in the direction of methods and technologies of digital added value, as well as customer-based processeses
  • A depiction of customised needs is not sufficient any more; it is expected that also R&D unique selling propositions and optimisation potentials recognises with the customer and exploit independently
  • Management of higher product complexities with reduced product life cycle times

Potentials and chances by digital management in R&D:

  • The competitive position can be protected by innovative and high-quality products with unique selling propositions and be improved
  • Clear cost advantages bring removal of lasting products in vote with production

We support you with our experience and competence within the product life cycle from different industries and business divisions.

Operations and Production

Digital connected challenges

The fourth industrial revolution occupies all manufacturing industries. The essential subjects for the production are clear and require a good innovation strategy as well as the integration of the technological progress in new investments. The trends everybody has to face who deals with modern production and their technology are:

  • Product and machine complexity rise
  • Demands for quality and staff become higher
  • Cost pressure rises
  • Cost optimisation with higher individuation is demanded
  • Variation in the workload of productions increase
  • Even more flexibility is demanded

If the production is marked by customer nearness and flexibility with high-class standard, the chance make the upscale productions more attractively.

Rate us with different optimisations, e.g., data glasses in the Shopfloor or RFID by the dispatch. The tighter interlinking of all partners in the process is the key technology on the success.

IT Management

Core area of the future

The IT organisation is one of the most important areas for the future of the enterprise. Unfortunately, this department is mostly not valued enough. This has different effects which can be indicated in the following situations:

Challenges IT:

  • Availability of applications and complex data worldwide
  • Infrastructure for increased data amount and data availability
  • Requirement of the user and context of utilisation
  • Faster execusion of requirements from the departments sorted into extern and intern
  • Missing professional and technological expertise
  • More inhomogenous systems and resources with constant data security

Chances IT:

  • Basic technologies are known and in utilization, this must be developed in the future
  • IT can deliver the added value which is relevant for business
  • Better and easier Support for users by more understanding for the user and his demands
  • Linked digital interlinking strategies bring potential for new technologies and deeper interlinking in demands relevant for business with it

IT and interconnection have strategic significance for the market position and cost optimisation of the enterprise.

Digital procurement management

The big chance for service quality

The procurement management is often not integrated into innovation processes. Besides, special chances arise for the purchase:

  • More interlinking with suppliers and logistics which are vital for the cost-optimum added value
  • More automation in procurement processes
  • Clear integration of the procurement strategies are necessary to supply optimally


  • SRM Processes are sometimes barriers for innovations
  • Market trends are not known in the purchase and procurement
  • Interlinking degree and Stakeholdermanagement must be developed
  • Short-term oriented actions in the purchase prevent strategical thinking
  • A missing openness for new trends from the outside are barriers for innovations

At the latest since SCM, EDI and SRM the purchase knows the utility values of an interlinking with suppliers and their processes. Now the interlinking compulsion which is for a long time an everyday business by the trends towards the optimisation of the procurement has also come in all other areas.

Use our expert's assessment to optimise your processes and to support with the digital management.


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