DoBTs for calculating the value of IT projects

The prioritization & efficient control of projects with scarce resources is a cross-industry and cross-departmental challenge. The IT department of one of the largest plant constructors for hydropower plants, the pulp and paper industry, the metal processing industry and the steel industry as well as the municipal and industrial solid/liquid separation wanted to develop a structured business scoring for this. The basis for this was MARKTGUT's Dimensions of Business Thinking (DoBT) with the corresponding framework for calculating potentials and efficient project controlling.

In order to test the methodology for the company, in the first step 2 selected projects were analyzed in detail in joint workshops with the stakeholders and subsequently calculated. This gave those responsible the opportunity to compare the results and check their validity. It was found that the methodology is well suited for in-depth analysis and for the comparability of projects for decision-making.

A corresponding roll-out across the whole organisation was prepared. There were different versions and services for the determination of potential in order to meet the requirements for effort and expressiveness.

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