Implementation of agile processes

Introducing agility into companies requires a lot of motivation, training and discipline. Fixed and long-standing processes should now be handled flexibly. However, it is not enough to introduce standard concepts, because agile processes always have to be adapted and developed in a company-specific way. In order to communicate these new conditions to the employees, training is needed to ensure that the work is correctly implemented in new processes and systems. In addition, two systems that are actively integrated in the process are usually used to support compliance and documentation of agile processes. Therefore it is necessary that there is a method training to process sequences and responsibilities as well as a training, which explains the use of the systems in the process. In order to teach the different roles and their tasks in the process, specific training is essential.

The training courses were developed on the basis of a project carried out at the end of 2018 to convert to agile processes in a corporate division and have since been held regularly. In this way, different teams could be set up to quickly produce results within the new working method. In order to monitor the customer's compliance with the process, MARKTGUT initially provides a SCRUM Master, which actively guides and supports all participants in the process and takes over the maintenance of the systems. In order to be able to control and implement the entire agile process internally, the customer's employees are trained as SCRUM Masters in a timely manner.

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