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to Lennart Giron, UX Business Consultant for MARKTGUT since 2017

What do you love about your job?

Somewhere between technology and business, the landscape of economic and social coexistence is being shaped continuously. This trend-setting sector plays a key role in shaping our everyday life, at work and in our free time and runs like a golden thread through our lives.

At MARKTGUT, I'm particularly interested in the proximity to the pulse of new technologies, with special attention to keeping the bird's-eye view of the Big Picture. With this focus on concrete value creation, success and sustainability is achievable.

What do you love about your projects?

First and foremost, I am thrilled by the variety of the fields of action which satisfy my interest in the long run. From Smartglasses solutions to device-agnostic apps to user-experience training courses, the variety and bandwidth is not only within the domains themselves, but is also due to the multiple ways in which projects are executed. This naturally ensures a holistic understanding of IT beyond the realm of pure computer science.

What do you love about MARKTGUT?

Spirit and solidarity, quality standards and agility - qualities that I value and live are held in high esteem here. In our TechLAB we give new technologies, innovations and market development the space they deserve, which is of great importance to me personally.

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