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to Max Maier, innovation architect/student trainee at MARKTGUT since 2017

What do you love about your job?

My job allows me to apply the knowledge I have gained during my studies. Not only can I bring what I have already learned into the projects, but I am also constantly being entrusted with new, varied tasks in which I acquire new knowledge. In addition to the dynamics in the development process, I particularly appreciate the openness in the communication with my team colleagues, which allows a lively transfer of knowledge and therefore supports rapid progress of the projects.

What do you love about your projects?

With my projects  it is possible for me to go through the entire development process of a developing application. This requires not only technical skills, but above all creativity in finding solutions. What motivates me the most is that I am able to contribute my own ideas in every phase of the project and thus actively shape and influence development.

What do you love about MARKTGUT?

Working with a team of young and smart minds who not only have high quality standards for the projects themselves, but above all for their own work. This professionalism, coupled with a loose hierarchy that encourages team spirit and gives you the feeling of being part of a family, creates an optimal working atmosphere for me.

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