Procurement Excellence

One of the most important hospital groups in the German-speaking countries was one of our key accounts in 2016, with which we were able to participate in numerous projects in the area of procurement management for the healthcare sector.

The planned savings projects in the Eastern Region from the 2016 targets were in acute danger due to a lack of transparency, insufficient communication and automation challenges. Following the implementation of our MARKTGUT Excellence Rating, we were able to derive concrete fields of action and measures. Due to the complexity of the projects, we have structured the strategic implementation of these measures in a Project Management Office and monitored them with the help of standards and controlling measures.

The original savings target for the Eastern region was EUR 1.2 million. The savings target of EUR 1.8 million was more than exceeded by the structured hedging of the subsequent 71 projects.

This decisive success was ensured by creating transparency, the stringent implementation of concrete measures and the networking of stakeholders and departments.

The first step towards the transformation of purchasing towards excellence with industrial standards in the health care sector has thus been taken by our customer.

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