Procurement is in transition. The purchasing director, today often referred to as the CPO, no longer only deals with the optimization of operative and strategic purchasing processes. Instead, he applies himself to the task of selecting suitable procurement markets and the associated chances and risks and makes these transparent to his colleagues. Today's procurement manager is responsible for up to 90% of the total costs of the products and services that are marketed by the company.

Rising Challenges

  • Processing higher purchasing amounts with fewer personnel
  • Managing upcoming global risks
  • Transferring innovations from the procurement markets
  • Price management with rising complexity


Open Fields of Action and Levers

  • Improving service
  • Optimizing organizational structures
  • Managing measures, innovations, and risks
  • Strategic development of procurement market and suppliers
  • Automating purchasing processes
  • Defining goals and measuring the results of the purchasing orders

At times, the fields of action can present very contradictory tendencies. Our customized consulting helps you define and implement the right methods and processes.

Organization & Strategy

In order to properly integrate optimized procurement management into a company, it needs to be wide-reaching throughout the company and the management. We consult you and support you with our extensive experience in the following fields:


  • Strategic development of the purchasing function­ – Optimize the Supply Chain Management
  • Alignment and positioning of the purchasing organization in the company
    • Early involvement
    • Innovation management
    • Risk management
  • Organizational structure
    • Operative and strategic purchasing
    • Project purchasing and technological purchasing
  • Supplier Lifecycle Management
    • Supplier strategy
    • Supplier management
  • Standardization of global purchasing strategies and commodity group strategies

Utilization of purchasing levers for direct and indirect material (automation lever)


WHAT is purchasing worth in our organization today? WHEN and WHERE does it have WHICH effects on our company at this specific point in time?


We will gladly assist you in answering these questions with individualized consulting or the Excellence Ranking for Procurement Management.

Methods & Processes

For total optimization, it is necessary to observe all purchasing methods and processes. Using a structured analysis, we will find the right lever and implement it with you together. In doing so, we draw upon a wide range of experience implementing projects for operative and strategic procurement processes. We have provided advice regarding the following methods and their corresponding processes:

  • Catalogue management
  • Material and product group management
  • Purchase requisition and RFx optimization
  • Supplier management and supplier data management
  • Contract management and contribution management
  • Order placement management
  • Negotiation techniques and negotiation psychology
  • Quality management
  • Risk management and action plans
  • Project purchasing
  • Value analysis and cost management
  • Integrating EDI & WebEDI processes and rollouts with suppliers
  • Coaching and teams of experts

What makes MARKTGUT special?


We separate ourselves from the pack because we not only optimize the purchasing processes within a single department, but instead we integrate the entire company and all of the processes involved in generating the products.

We will gladly advise you.

Technology & Systems

With our consultants' long-term practical experience as managers of software providers and as project leaders in the implementation of IT tools, we are the ideal partner for the selection, introduction, and implementation of the appropriate tools, such as:

  • Coupa
  • DIGNewtron
  • SupplyON
  • Wallmedien
  • Onventis
  • Riskmethods
  • Synertrade
  • and many more...



WHAT is the right system for my requirements? Who is the right partner?


We will gladly assist you in answering these questions with individualized consulting.

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