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We support you in the conception and operationalization of strategies in various subject areas.

We pursue an integrated consulting approach that aims to systematically improve the value creation efficiency of your organization and to ensure the sustainability of your products and services.

Project conception & -support

We provide the conception of customer-specific roadmaps and projects through our practical experience from more than 100 projects in the areas of cost management, calculation, target costing, value analysis, negotiations, operative purchasing, strategic purchasing, auctions, supplier management, supply chain management, TVO and TCO analyses, project purchasing and commodity group management.

Furthermore, we also support you in developing the right requirements for systems in these areas. Our experience covers the introduction and implementation of systems such as: SRM, SCM, Ratings / Audits, eSourcing, Collaboration, Initiative Management, Supplier Portals, PLC / EPC, planning systems, Reporting (BW, BI) of different manufacturers and customers.

Strategic and functional control in the implementation of methods, processes, IT systems

In our projects, we use a tried and tested set of methods from our consulting services and work with you to select the right tool to bring your project to fruition. We have sound experience in the following areas:


  • Change management
  • Optimization of organizational structure
  • Standardization
  • Process design and automation
  • Interim Management
  • Co-creation, coaching, training, qualification and education
  • Strategic project management & implementation support
  • Escalation management & strategic moderation in existing projects
Strategy in cost, procurement & digital management

The fourth industrial revolution is affecting all manufacturing industries. What effects and opportunities arise for organizations, processes, products and customers is often not clear.

We support you in finding and defining the right strategy for you and formulating the necessary fields of action in a roadmap that can realistically be implemented.

You can rely on MARKTGUT to bring a wealth of practical experience in the areas of procurement management, cost management and digital management to this process.

Our practical experience is based on the creation of corporate strategies, the design of business strategies as well as the definition of functional strategies, which have sustainably realized the ideal alignment and optimal value for the respective client.


  • Integrating innovations
  • Expand technical maturity levels
  • Economic benefit versus investment
  • Efficient use of qualifications
Extensive solution experience for systems

When implementing processes and methods in IT systems, there are a variety of challenges. Without neutral expert knowledge and established methods such as user-centered design, this can quickly develop into a wrong direction and lead to unintended consequences.

Therefore, we invite you to use our experience for strategic alignment, requirements management, vendor selection and rollout support for the introduction and implementation of vendor-independent systems such as


  • SRM, SCM
  • Ratings / Audits
  • eSourcing, supplier portals, PLC / EPC
  • Collaboration, Saving Management
  • Planning systems, reporting (BW, BI)
Moderation & escalation management

Changing organizations or methods, as well as the integration of IT tools often leads to challenges in any given project: usually deadlines or agreed upon promises are not met or agreed upon deliveries do not meet the needs.

Thanks to a wide range of experience in project reviews, MARKTGUT is specialized in analyzing any given situation and, as a neutral partner, steering the interests of all parties back in the right direction.

Knowledge Management

Coachings, Trainings & Education

The design and delivery of training courses in various subject areas is an integral part of our service. We always follow didactical rules of professional education, which ensure that the knowledge in your organization is sustainable. Special contents and training formats can be found below:

"[5DOBT] is crucial for every innovation and startup-company."

Dmytro Bibik

Founder DERBI engineering team, 5DOBT Workshop Kiew 2019

Potential value analysis 5DOBT

With the potential value analysis 5DOBT a standard methodology was created, which makes it possible to determine the economic benefit of projects and to justify project realizations.

Through numerous practical applications, we have seen an increasing popularity, so that this method has become a standard in the market. We offer a training that teaches the application of the methodology as well as our self-developed framework. The focus of this training is to ensure that the participants are able to apply and use the method independently for future project plans.


  • For all departments and hierarchical levels of companies
  • Promotes ideas, but also justifies decisions
  • Practical exercises and application examples, individually tailored to participants and industry
Digital business in practice

How can we successfully support our customers in IT projects based on shared visions?

The answer to this question is given in our training "Business relevance in IT projects", as the goal of the training is to convey applicable knowledge for the successful implementation of IT projects. The focus here is primarily on the interconnection of technical and business relevant knowledge in order to understand customer needs as well as to be able to serve them optimally.


  • For project managers, developers and sales representatives
  • Group size of 10-15 participants for two days
  • 8 phases of project management
  • Theoretical topics, such as industrial project management, user center design, verbal and non-verbal communication and 5DOBT
  • Individually and practically designed practical exercises to directly implement the newly acquired knowledge and integrate it into one's own actions in a sustainable way
User focus in IT development

In our training courses on user centricity, we provide participants with practical methods and tools for the implementation of projects, taking into account user requirements and usability.

With many best practices and exercises on auxiliary methods such as personas and user goal use cases, participants learn to integrate the focus for user-centered design into their everyday work and thus benefit sustainably from the content conveyed.


  • For project managers and developers
  • User Centered Design Theory
  • Usability
  • UCD Requirements Engineering
  • Design Solutions
  • Evaluation techniques
Management of complex procurement structures

"Creating value through procurement controlling" is the title of the 2-day training by our expert for controlling topics in procurement management.

With valuable tips from more than 25 years of management activity in major companies, participants will receive new impulses for their activities in procurement management or controlling.


  • For managers and responsible employees from the purchasing department
  • Development of a successful controlling system
  • Networking with other company interfaces
  • Key figures to generate transparency and added value with the help of Big Data

Market proven standards

our Products

5 Dimensions of Business Thinking, 5DOBT for short, encompass the dimensions of cost reduction, sales increase, efficiency increase, risk minimization and innovation level increase.

All dimensions are defined by different areas of influence, which are to be understood as levers for optimization and value enhancement in projects. The 5DOBT can be used for the most diverse questions and industries, as they leave a lot of room for individual requirements in their definition. They serve as a tool for stimulating thoughts and can be expanded as required.

Based on the dimensions and their more detailed areas of influence, it is possible to determine the realizable potential of projects. For this purpose, a potential value analysis methodology is applied which helps to identify and evaluate the most important fields of action for optimisation measures in order to be able to make well-founded decisions for or against a project quickly.

Further information is available here

Value Engine

Which projects are of value to my company? How can I control and monitor efficiently? And how do I manage to make our success measurable?

For these challenges in multi-project management, we have developed methods and systems that support the holistic management of projects within the company. The focus is on reducing complexity and supporting innovation and cooperation from the idea to the success of the project. With the help of our value engine, we offer systemic support for uniform data storage, maximum transparency and mobile availability. We attach great importance to a methodology developed from practical experience with minimum complexity and maximum coverage of information requirements.

Further information is available here (German)

Excellence Rating

How can companies determine how far they have developed compared to other companies in the areas of cost management, procurement management and digital management and how much potential has not yet been used?

MARKTGUT's own Excellence Rating provides answers to precisely these questions and shows companies their own situation through an objective view. On the basis of a questionnaire and expert interviews, the development status of the corresponding area in the company is analysed and the results are transferred to the rating. The classification of the development status is based on a 4-level rating model, which is defined by defined criteria and maps the levels in an informative, controlling, integrative and optimizing manner. After the status has been finally determined, the target development can also be determined so that the unused potential in the 5DOBT can be determined in monetary terms and action measures to achieve this goal can be derived.

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