Smart Warehouse Management

In December 2016, together with our partner company Simplifier AG, we carried out a project to integrate Smart Glasses into the picking process of transport orders at a global cosmetics company. The project was set as Proof of Concept (POC) for a warehouse in Buenos Aires and was to be rolled out worldwide after successful implementation.

The main focus in optimizing the picking process was on connecting SAP to the prototype developed for Smart Glass glasses. Using data goggles, materials removed from the storage location are scanned and placed in the appropriate picking box. The information about the picking is then forwarded directly to the SAP program, which displays the current inventory and the write-offs. If the stock does not correspond to the amount to be taken, the actual number of materials taken can be adjusted manually via the data glasses.

After the successful project handover of the POC in January 2017, the project is now being pursued accordingly.

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