Value-based User Experience

12 February 2018

In times of digitalization, the experience of applications and their usability is becoming unquestionably more relevant. However, these effects are less well known within B2B.

Inadequacies not only affect the satisfaction of the user, but also cause painful inefficiencies, risks and costs for the entire company; among other things, training costs for personnel with unnecessary complexity and lack of intuitiveness increase. Human errors can sometimes have catastrophic consequences if handled incorrectly. The interaction with the user interface and the underlying processes significantly influence the efficiency of the employees.

These challenges can be effectively counteracted with the right eye on usability. Convincing usability and user-experience of B2B applications as their own quality criteria are not to be underestimated for the business, because digitization without a sense of value is not purposeful.

This lack of knowledge is particularly evident between business and IT.

Due to its high degree of specialization, IT traditionally finds it difficult to understand its work in the context of the value-added chain. In most cases, there is a need for dedicated roles that compensate for a lack of business understanding by constantly sharpening the emerging application in the briefest cycles. However, this approach is a patchwork solution that is in danger of bursting at the seams.

Fortunately, there is a procedure that can help: business-oriented user focus.

User focus functions as a central thread that runs through all phases of the development process. From requirements analysis to conception, prototyping and finally rollout, the business value of each cycle can be guaranteed at all times. This eases communication with stakeholders, simplifies decisions and strengthens the developer team. At all important milestones, partial results (personas, use cases) are produced, which are approved by all relevant eyes, naturally also those of representatives of the later user group.

With appropriate alignment, a user-centered development process, thanks to its tried and tested collection of methods, guarantees the transfer of sustainable value from business to IT and back again in the long term.

This trend, which was born out of practical experience, quickly developed into practice thanks to a sustained increase in performance for all involved parties (users, business managers, IT, developers). 

We at MARKTGUT have recognised this and have therefore joined forces with our customers to extend our business portfolio by usability design. In order to increase your business and user focus, our trained consultants will be happy to integrate this into your business.

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