3 Questions

to Lisa Blume, Senior Consultant for MARKTGUT since 2016

What do you love about your job?

In my position at the crossover point between business development and consulting, I have unbelievably much room for creativity. Whether it's about suggestions for the further development of customer projects or the initiation of strategic business models - I have the freedom to bring in and present even the craziest ideas.

What do you love about your projects?

Especially in our business development projects I can be extremely creative. Above all, innovation projects on a strategic level are exciting for me. This involves the generation of completely new approaches, the derivation of implementation concepts and the support of the first steps towards realization. The way there and the results are enormously enriching for my personal and professional development.

What do you love about MARKTGUT?

We have the dynamism and flexibility of a start-up, but we are in no way behind the big consulting firms in terms of the professionalism of our services. Our combination of consulting services and operational implementation in our TechLAB enables us to offer our customers excellent services.

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