Smart Shopfloor Management

The development and implementation of an optimized and digitized process in the production, occupied us during a project in autumn 2016.

As a technology group, the customer specializes in production technologies for the manufacture of food and feed and pursued the goal of optimizing its own value stream through the use of digitization technology.

In cooperation with our partner company Simplifier AG, we developed a concept and corresponding prototypes for the integration of their Simplifier technology into the processes of the Swiss family-owned company. The main focus of the implementation was on the interaction of picking, transport, pre-assembly and acceptance processes, which were covered by five individual applications, but which are interconnected and interdependent.

The functions and requirements for the various apps were developed and defined together in workshops and by visiting workstations, so that they could be customized directly to the users.

Smart Glasses were selected as the devices because they allow employees to continue to work "hands-free" while at the same time displaying all necessary information on the move. On the other hand, 3 of the 5 apps were programmed for tablets or smartphones in order to be able to display larger amounts of information available on the move.

The project was successfully completed as a POC in January 2017.

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