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Interview with Inga Steffen

Senior Consultant and 5DoBT Expert at MARKTGUT GmbH for 3 years (...) Read more

Interview Ulrica Schmidt

3 Questions to Ulrica Schmidt, team assistant at MARKTGUT since 2017 (...) Read more

Interview Max Maier

3 Questions to Max Maier, innovation architect/student trainee at MARKTGUT since 2017 (...) Read more

Member of BDU e.V.

From now on we are happy to be a member of the Federal Association of German Management Consultants BDU e.V.. Our consulting services have been thoroughly tested and fully meet the requirements of the BDU and its high quality standards.

5DoBT – The Management Method

„Managing is not about cutting costs, but creating value.“ (Peter Drucker)
Most managers act according to this principle. (…) Read more

Interview Marc Kandler

3 Questions to Marc Kandler, innovation architect & trainee at MARKTGUT since 2017 (...) Read more

Value-based User Experience

In times of digitalization, the experience of applications and their usability is becoming unquestionably more relevant. However, these effects are less well known within B2B.Inadequacies not only affect the (…) Read more

The new General Data Protection Regulation GDPR

The new General Data Protection Regulation GDPR becomes effective at EU level on 25 May 2018. (...) Read more

Interview Johann Filzmoser

3 questions to Johann Filzmoser, Management Consultant & Partner at MARKTGUT since 2015 (...) Read more

Value-based corporate management

Where are the challenges and gaps in value management and what are the proven approaches for useful additions and optimization?(...) Read more

Interview Lennart Giron

3 questions to Lennart Giron, UX Business Consultant at MARKTGUT since 2017 (...) Read more

Interview Inga Steffen

3 questions for Inga Steffen, consultant at MARKTGUT since 2016 (...) Read more

Interview Lisa Blume

3 questions to Lisa Blume, Senior Consultant at MARKTGUT since 2016 (...) Read more

Multi-Project Management

Managing increasing complexity in collaboration, especially working on projects and managing complex processes. (…) Read more

Interview John Benad

3 questions to John Benad, Founder & CEO at MARKTGUT since 2010 (...) Read more

Management Decisions

The decision-making process is still one of the biggest challenges for managers. (…) Read more

Our Projects

From now on we will give you an insight into the MARKTGUT project world and let you take a closer look at interesting challenges and solutions (…) Read more

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